The 5-kilometre race is for those new to running, unsure about running or simply prepared for a challenge but not confident of doing the full 10k race.

The race is not formally timed so you will need your own watch.

The route is chosen to offer a challenge. It starts at the same spot as the 10k event and is on tarmac, all downhill for the first 1500 meters until it levels out across a meadow along the beautiful Colhugh Valley. Competitors turn at the water stop at Llantwit Major Beach before returning up the valley, avoiding the narrow beach road, and retracing the route back to the finish line.

On the last section, some competitors may find themselves being passed by the 10-kilometre race competitors! Do not be demoralised! Give them a wave and a cheer. It does not mean you are slow! They are just quicker than you are; it is all about taking part, challenging yourself and savouring the sense of achievement as you finish, triumphant, under the posts.


The 1K race is not intended for elite or serious...


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